New crash game - aviator. Best Strategies 2022

Crash Game - Aviator, review

The Aviator game is a simple airplane flight simulator. The mechanism of its operation is based on a random number generator that selects the takeoff factor of the aircraft. Players must before the maximum multiplier round to have time to withdraw their money. And help in this working Aviator schemes. 

The rules of Aviator do not contain anything complicated. Before the round begins, players are given a little time to place their bets on the jetpack. The goal of the game is to choose the right moment and click on the interactive button "Cash out" before the jetpack flies away. If this is done correctly, the player's account will be credited with the winnings of the bet multiplied by the withdrawal multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 5072. If the player fails to withdraw before the plane flies away, the bet is forfeited. 

Aviator is a game with Proven Integrity. The results of all draws can be checked through the official website. But you need to understand that this is still a game of chance. The probability of winning is influenced by many factors - probability theory, luck, miscalculation of the pattern. 

So be sure to learn a few rules on how to gamble safely:

  • Don't play for long periods of time. When playing for a long time, it is easy to get carried away or tired and stop keeping track of game statistics. It is recommended to limit your playing time to 60 minutes a day. 
  • Make small bets. It is best if the bet is 2-5%. Betting more than 10% of your bankroll is not recommended. 
  • Determine your end goal. Getting down to the game, you must have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve. For instance, your goal might be to increase your deposit by a certain percentage.   

Lucky Jet 2021 - 2022 Game Strategies

In the game Aviator 1win it is impossible to guess the maximum odds in advance. With this in mind, the right Lucky Jet game tactics should be based on minimizing the risks. Below I will teach you how to bet correctly to win all the time. 

I recommend to play in Lucky Jet with auto-removal of bets at odds x 1.10. It is certainly not a big multiplier that will not bring huge profit as, for example, 10x, but this mathematical tactic contributes to gradual increase of bankroll and allows you not to lose it. 

The new Aviator strategy is based on the setting up rates with autocashat and observing the patterns of the game. Watch the odds at which the jetpack takes off and wait until the multiplier is less than x1.09. After that watch the game for four more subsequent rounds and depending on how the last game ends, perform one of the following actions:

  • In case the fourth round ended with a multiplier of x1.09, skip one more and then place your bet with a cashout of x1.10. 
  • In case the fourth round ends with a jackoff at odds higher than x1.11, you can place up to 3 bets in a row at once. 

That's the end of the tutorial, and now you know how you can play Aviator and win all the time. You just need to follow the scheme clearly and not succumb to the excitement. 


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